Residential Development Land / Subdivision

Prime location with unique views overlooking Lake Nipissing

Opportunity ID #1347


This development is the only residentially approved development in the North Bay area located along an escarpment providing a panoramic view of the City and Lake Nipissing.

The Owners have spent a significant amount of investment and time progressing the land for development, creating 97 lots through various stages of development since 2002. Of the 97 developed lots, there are 17 serviced lots ready for sale.

An additional 64 Draft Plan Approved lots are available for future development of which a significant amount of infrastructure costs have already been invested. To ensure a successful transition to a new owner, the Owners will ensure support, training and knowledge transfer for an agreed upon transition period.

Investment Highlights

  • Prime location with unique views overlooking Lake Nipissing, above protected parkland area preventing future development in the south, and minutes from local ski hill, hiking trails, schools and shopping.
  • Significant amount of investment preparing the real estate for development.
  • Mix of 17 serviced lots ready for sale and 64 Draft Plan Approved lots for future development.

Jaspal Gill

inBay Opportunity Ambassador

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Opportunity Summary

Property Type:

Opportunity Features/Details:

  • Serviced Lots Available For Sale: 17
  • Asking Price Per Lot: $70,000 – $130,000
  • Draft Plan Approved Lots: 64
  • Average Lot Size: ~80 x ~150 ft
  • Total Previous Lot Sales: $7,000,000+